Knife Edge Blades​

The knife edge blades offer a smooth cutting action, less friction and generate no dust while cutting. The most popular and widely used profile.

Knife Edge / SBSE

The Single Bevel Single Edge blade is specifically designed for peeling and slicing tasks. It is frequently employed on horizontal cutting machines.

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Knife Edge / DBSE

The Double Bevel Single Edge blade stands as the most ubiquitous cutting edge, serving various cutting, slicing, and peeling tasks. It finds application across vertical, horizontal, carousel, peeling, slicing, and CNC machines.

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Knife Edge / DBSE Variable Bevel

The Double Bevel Single Edge Variable Bevel blade is primarily utilized on carousel machines, excelling in slicing thin sheets and ensuring precision in sheet thickness. With a bevel ratio of 1:4, it meets stringent tolerance requirements.

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Knife Edge / DBDE

Double Bevel Double Edge is used on vertical cutting machines to enhance productivity. Cutting takes place when the table is pushed forward and also while reversing the table. Requires 4 grinders.

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Knife Edge Twisted / DBDE

The Double Bevel Double Edge Twisted blade is utilized on vertical cutting machines to elevate productivity and achieve tight tolerances. It enables cutting during both forward and reverse table movements, requiring only two grinders for operation.

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Customised Knife Edges available upon request