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Abrasive Wires

Custom Abrasive Wire
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Experience cutting-edge innovation with Diamond Abrasive Cutting Wires, designed to perfectly complement your abrasive wire machines. Versatile and suitable for a wide range of material types for cutting and converting MINERAL WOOL, STONE WOOL, GLASS WOOL & ROCKWOOL, CALCIUM SILICATE, EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE, REBONDED FOAMS, FLEXIBLE POLYURETHANE & RIGID POLYURETHANE, FOAMGLASS, PHENOLIC RESIN, POLYISOCYANURATE FOAMS (PIR, POLYISO, ISO), POLYPROPYLENE & POLYETHYLENE FOAMS (PE, PP) Diamond Abrasive Cutting Wires guarantee smooth machine operation. Redefining durability, precision, and longevity, these wires go beyond being just a product – they symbolize reliability and extended sharpness. Incorporate our cutting wires into your processes for a unique and unmatched performance that sets a new standard in the industry.
Available Diameters in mm
1.0 – 1.2
1.2 – 1.5
1.5 – 1.7
1.5 – 1.8
1.8 – 2.0
Available Diameters in Inches
0.039 – 0.047
0.047 – 0.059
0.059 – 0.066
0.059 – 0.070
0.070 – 0.078

Types of Abrasive Cutting Wires

Abrasive Cutting Wire - Smooth Single Ring

This wire type is employed when minimal dust generation is desired. Its smooth final toroidal winding makes it ideal for cutting soft foams with minimal dust production.

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Abrasive Cutting Wire - S Wrap Single Ring

Named for its distinctive S-shaped winding pattern, the S Wrap wire is a medium-grade option formed through Coaxial S winding in the penultimate cycle, followed by a final Toroidal winding, resulting in a mildly aggressive finish. Some dust may be inevitable when using the S Wrap wire.

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Abrasive Cutting Wire - X Wrap Single Ring

The X Wrap wire demonstrates aggressive cutting performance, producing a considerable amount of dust and yielding a rough finish. Certain abrasive materials may necessitate the use of an X Wrap wire for cutting or shaping.

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Double Ring Abrasive Cutting Wires

Abrasive Cutting Wire - Smooth Double Ring
Abrasive Cutting Wire - S Wrap Double Ring
Abrasive Cutting Wire - X Wrap Double Ring

Tungsten and Molybdenum Abrasive Cutting Wires

Tungsten and Molybdenum wires offer alternative solutions for materials that cannot be efficiently cut with the carbon steel wire commonly used in abrasive wires. To address this challenge, Tungsten or Molybdenum is employed for the final Toroidal winding, while carbon steel is used for the coaxial inner winding. Even for Tungsten and Molybdenum these wires are available in Smooth, S Wrap, and X Wrap configurations, both in Single or Double Ring Construction.

Tungsten-Coated Abrasive Cutting Wire
Molybdenum-Coated Abrasive Cutting Wire
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Special dimensions available on request