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band knife
Our Roll Cutting Band Knife Blades excel in high-performance cutting and slitting. Trusted by global leaders, they offer precision and reliability for cutting rolls. Engineered in various sizes to match specific machine needs, these blades uphold our commitment to quality. Embrace industry excellence with our blades, ensuring enhanced efficiency and reliability for your cutting applications. Experience precision like never before with the choice of market leaders.
Concave - DBSE

Available in: 2 & 4 TPI

The Concave Double Bevel Single Edge, also known as the Scalloped Edge, undergoes profile grinding to create a hybrid version combining attributes of the Knife Edge and the Serrated profile, resulting in superior cutting performance. This profile, widely recognized as the most popular choice, finds applications across various industries. It is employed on both horizontal and vertical cutting machines.

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 Convex – DBSE

The Convex/Wavy-DBSE is a gentler and less aggressive alternative to the Concave/Scallop profile. It retains the advantages of a knife edge while allowing interrupted cutting without material tearing, thus minimizing dust generation. This profile is suitable for use with both horizontal and vertical cutting machines.

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V tooth Serrated DBSE / Diamond Pointed Tooth

Available in: 6, 8, 10, 14 & 18 TPI

The V toothed pointed is a popular profile. This profile is aggressive as compared to the knife edge blade. Generates some dust. Good for cutting hard foams and helps in avoiding the sharpening mechanism on the cutting machine. Used on vertical, horizontal, carousel, and CNC machines.

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Width in mm
Thickness in mm
0.8 / 1.20
0.70 / 0.80 / 1.20
Width in Inches
Thickness in Inches
0.031 / 0.047
0.027 / 0.031 / 0.047


band knife
band knife
band knife
band knife
band knife
band knife

Special dimensions available on request