Custom Made Band Knife Blades For


Custom made Band Knife Blade
These band knife blades are a specialised tool designed for use in peeling/splitting machines, uniquely suited for processing long blocks into thin sheet rolls. We can customize any size for different splitting machines like Stenberg, Fecken Kirfel, Baeumer, and other looper machines.
Knife Edge / DBSE

The Double Bevel Single Edge blade stands as the most ubiquitous cutting edge, serving various cutting, slicing, and peeling tasks. It finds application across vertical, horizontal, carousel, peeling, slicing, and CNC machines.

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Width in mm
Thickness in mm
0.60 / 0.80 / 1.00
0.60 / 0.80 / 1.00
Width in Inches
Thickness in Inches
0.023 / 0.031 / 0.039
0.023 / 0.031 / 0.039



Used on foam cutting machines like Wintech, Baeumer, Fecken Kirfel, Sunkist, HEMA, Kuris, HYMA, ESCO, ESUN, ASE, Nantong Muye, ZM MACH, RAM, FEMA, DB, Mazzola etc