Custom Made Band Knife Blade For

CNC Contour Machine - Oscillating Type

Custom Made Band Knife Blade
Embark on a journey of precision and craftsmanship with our custom band knife blades, designed for CNC contour machines, especially the oscillating type. These blades blend innovation and technology, offering unmatched performance for intricate cutting tasks. Whether sculpting designs or navigating complex contours, our blades redefine precision and efficiency. The oscillating motion enhances versatility, adapting seamlessly to various materials and patterns. Elevate your CNC cutting with blades that exceed demands. Choose our blades for reliability, precision, and excellence in every cut. Opt for a new standard of craftsmanship with our unparalleled cutting experience.
V tooth Serrated DBSE
Available TPI: 14, 18 & 24 TPI
The V Toothed CNC Contour Cutting Machine Blades are essential for precision cutting tasks requiring tight tolerances or when dealing with high-density foam materials. Suitable for Reciprocating/Oscillating and Endless Bandknife CNC Contour Cutting Machines.
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Width in mm
Thickness in mm
0.60 / 0.70 / 0.80
band knife

Used on foam cutting machines like Wintech, Baeumer, Fecken Kirfel, Sunkist, HEMA, Kuris, HYMA, ESCO, ESUN, ASE, Nantong Muye, ZM MACH, RAM, FEMA, DB, Mazzola etc